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Fat Bikes?

by Luke on November 26, 2013

Yep, they are all the rage.  Whether you are riding them to work in the snow or competing in a a sub-arctic triathlon they are probably the right tool for the job.  Not only do they allow you to ride wherever you want, through snow drifts, on the moon, etc… they also give you the reliability and reassurance that you will get where you need to go throughout Minnesota’s never-ending winter.

This one Salsa Beargrease Carbon

Since I have started commuting on a fat bike I have noticed a few things:

1: My commute time has lengthened.

2: I take unreasonably long and unconventional routes to get where I am going.

3: (The Reasons for 1 & 2) Commuting is more fun when you can run over anything and ride wherever you want.

But, all joking aside fat bikes are here to stay and if you are still skeptical we encourage you stop down to check one out and maybe even take one of our demo fat bikes for a ride!

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